I studied Architecture, but I was never an Architect. Deep inside, I mean. It’s obvious now that I’m more into creating concepts than buildings, and yet it took me five years to come to this realization –after finishing my degree.

However, I COULD study. I’d go to the pompous School Of Architecture (don’t forget to capitalize the first letter of each word, they love it), sit down and learn from the very best about Composition, Art History, Ideation… I CHOSE to dislike the goddamned buildings with all my heart, and had the great luck to find what I’m good at and go for it.

But hey! That’s not the average case; most people don’t even have the opportunity to open a book in their entire lives. They remain isolated from basic knowledge that could help them build a better future for themselves. I’m not talking about rocket science, sometimes it’s as simple as some lessons on agriculture, or basic literacy to land a job, or first aid instruction –you name it.

Wikipedia is the universal vessel of knowledge these days, and yet there are many places where people can’t access the internet to get it for free. That’s why we created a campaign to encourage donations, so these people can finally reach the information that could change their lives.

AD & CW: Youssef Keskes.
AD & CW: Juan G Miralles.
CD: Matei Curtasu, CD, Freelance, Berlin (Germany).

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