I’d never admit this to some people, but the truth is that I’m not really good at skateboarding. It’s not that I haven’t tried though, I promise! I’d go as a teen every single afternoon to the park next to my home just to practice some tricks to show off –but it didn’t seem to work out.

I always loved skating with my friends— seeing them breaking their boards, limbs and teeth –while I cautiously avoided any intricacies that could end up with my face kissing the floor– was just amazing. I was a bit what people commonly refer to as a poser. It’s ok. I get it now: it was not my thing. Poser or not, I guess it’s the sense of community that I enjoyed so much. The feeling of belonging to a group, the excitement of sharing your time –your passion– with others.

So when we got this brief for Nike SB, we knew our campaign needed to embrace this sense of community. That’s why we made a system to find your Shoemate –that person that wears the same shoes as yourself, only their strong foot is the opposite. It often happens that you literally destroy your strong-foot’s shoe pretty fast, while the other one remains almost intact. By bringing Shoemates together, we could make a new pair and donate it to people in need.

AD & CW: Youssef Keskes.
AD & CW: Juan G Miralles.
CD: Felipe Galiano, CD, AKQA, Tokyo (Japan).
CD: Ron Engelbert, CD, Antoni, Berlin (Germany).

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