Back when I was living in my hometown –feels like a trillion years ago– a woman came to give a talk in our class. I don’t know what it was all about, but I do remember she started addressing us in feminine, since most of the students were female. “I am not a girl, you should not address me as one” said one of the guys. “Well, some of your colleagues here are not boys either. Why should I talk to them as if they were?” replied her. You should have seen the guy’s face.

English is one of the rare exceptions where words tend to be neutral. However, in Spanish, French, German, Italian… (and even in some cases in English) the default for nouns and adjectives is always the masculine form. Even our super-ultra-smart, artificially-intelligent, Mark-Zuckerberg-listening devices still apply this stone-age rule. We took this opportunity to create a campaign for Google on women’s day.

CW: Youssef Keskes.
AD: Juan G Miralles.
CD: Fernando Serra, CD, J. Walter Thompson, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
CD: Roberto Leston, CD, The Pool, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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